Grey Sheep


antwerp / belgium


royal academy of fine arts antwerp

Graduation year


Rey Benedict Pador is a german designer with Asian heritage based in Antwerp / Berlin.
His torn feelings of being german with a foreign background always encouraged Rey Pador to question his being as someone who adapted to his surroundings by language, knowledge and customs.

"My work is a constant search for identitiy, it always describes the highs and the lows of everyones personality. Its inspired by topics like religion, sexuality, fetishism and the question of being human in a group or by yourself. Self-worth is also a topic that is constantly present in my work: the idea of giving yourself away to someone or something just to belong somewhere. I work mostly with obvious prejudice that divide us into groups: gender, sexual preferences and or etnicity. People might feel offended by the way I picture and describe a man or women: I prefer to show off the body instead of working around it. I always think that the more I see the less I doubt. When you are naked, you cannot hide are forced to reveal yourself. But in the end its all in your head: exposing your inner secrets, strip down on the inside to see whats really going on the outside."

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