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Ecole de La Chambre Syndicate de la couture parisienne

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Graduated from Ecole de la Chambre Syndicate de la Couture Parisienne, Karina Widjaja always had an eye for fashion and details. Before starting Reves Studio, she was working at Balmain Headquarter in Paris. In order to bring a fashion that is timeless and sophisticated, Widjaja team up with Karina Pricilla Tjoa, a Singapore graduate with marketing and merchandising major. Together they establish Reves Studio to create clothing that empowers women and introduce power dressing to the world. Rêves Studio is a strong representation of modern femininity by finding the balance between detail and simplicity in each garment. Here we see clothing style as a way to represent women and their professions, at the same time, enclosing their self-esteem and confidence. So this is the dream, to create clothing that empowers women, to let customer to interact with their garments in a way that marries the aesthetic of the label with the wearer’s personal style.

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