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"For me, art is not an object; generally speaking, art means for me, first of all, freedom. Choice. Courage. Love. Concept. On the other hand, design means minding detail. The detail is everything, cruciAl, for our niche.
The detail of a well-fabricated piece of clothing, the aspect of the sewing and its quality, the features that define the designer will determine the trend of the season — the detail of the perfect size and the quality of the lining. When you admire a design or when you are wearing a designer dress, when you are happy the whole day because of that, you feel and live and touch that little detail. The detail is The real statement Of art for an artist.
From other point of view, I am Pisces with Gemini, four in one, according to astrology.
The Sangvinic dresses me in superficial selfies, the Choleric reproves my hidden ambition for a while around the corner, the Melancholic thinks and protects me by imposing rules of society that I love to violate, Rather in particular. The Phlegmatic part of myself helps me to gather beautiful people around all the tIme.
More than that, I live loving. Unloving, I would breathe through life. I love to love, and I love to sit in verse with happy rhyme. If I didn't dance my happiness loving, I'd go hunched wandering for wasted time. I can't spend my time, and I don't want to sell it to a few happy moments. I do not confuse the joy of the moment that only mimics happiness, with the pleasure itself that through love corresponds to my sense of life."
Besides, I know everything has an end — even the time. I don't want to breathe my time. I want to feel it, to touch it.
I'm Adina Banea, by the way. And I love my name."

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