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Adina Banea born in Bucharest, romania
Fashion Designer: Reprobable

Charismatic, sensible and creative, you will always find she painting the sky trough love because she does believe in love, a feeling which she extrovert by not counting her footprints.

“Convicted to life” she thinks this is the most beautiful way to draw her portrait and defining her art.
She embraces and adapt every challenge life gives her and she converts it into real feelings, starting from melancholy to euphoria, from sexuality to innocence, and she’d like to describe it by “pure art” .

Even if Adina always felt the need to express her creativity in writing and drawing, the fear of falling short and disappointing herself and the others limited her so she put her visions in a box and she started working as a lawyer in a bank.
She continued the pattern and her second job was into the Interior Ministry at International Relationships Department.

Her strong beliefs in femininity and feminism but also her family values recommended hee to present a TV show about it on a national Television (B1TV) named, which was about the most unique quality of a woman- being a mother. This way Adina realised she was being heard, so it made her build her own online community- “”- which became one of the top 10 bloggers, most read in Romania, having as main content couple relationship advice.

As she was trying to define herself she always put together the three words she likes the most: strong, passion and love. Most of all the love for any kind of art and the need she always felt of expressing her creativity pushed her to dare and start the newest and most powerful of her projects.

With this she felt more than ever that she coukd make herself heard not only with words but with her designs too.

Visualising the texture of the fabrics, the clean cuts, shapes, colours- all being an expression of herself- had an impact on her so strong that it made her believes that it will be transmitted to the people she targets in her collections, a common love shared for reprehend manifestations and non-cliche - Reprobable-.

Reprobable’s EVents

2016 - as soon as born, Reprobable was Listed at Not Just a Label Platform as Black Sheep;

2017: January 2017 - she was invited at ARTFASHION Berlin (Ma-de Berlin and I-To Berlin wHere, the organisators and sponsors) by Patricia Field- which seemed very excited of hers portfolio ; after this event, Adina and Pat, decided to realise a capsule togeTher, Will be a collaboration in the nearest future.

2017-2018 - Rebrobable won “Silver A’ Awards” at the A ‘Design Award Competition at ”Fashion Apparel and Garment Design Competition Category”;

July 2018- Reprobable participated at “FeeriC Fashion Week Romania”.

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