Grey Sheep




unviversidad iberoamericana México

We are a Mexican design studio hosting different areas in specialized design like Custom Made Tailoring, Business Dress Code for companies, Packing Art for Business (dedicated to business gifts) and our main brand dedicated to male design under the same name.

Our history covers more than a decade of experience and positioned in the world of national fashion.

"We define the quality in our wide and impeccable selection of fabrics as in the garment, with highly studied patterns and innovation and search for new proposals, making a safe conduct to the most exquisite style"

The brand is the result of the union of its 2 main executives, who, being brothers and heirs of a familiar baggage in the industry, join forces to form both creative and business, so that collection after collection meet the highest demands specialized critics and our main clients, positioning the brand as one of the most important within the Fashion System of Mexico.

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