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Founder and Head Designer at Rejuvenate, Sushma Mehta Shah , is an out-and-out Bombay girl. Being from a fine jewelry family background, jewelry is her first love and is something that comes naturally to her.

For Sushma, jewelry is not just something you adorn yourself with. She feels jewelry can make you stand out from the crowd and can make a huge statement. This ideology is reflected in all of her collections with a unique and quirky drift to her jewelry.

She was interested in designing a line of high-quality fashion jewelry that could bridge the gap between street-side ‘junk’ jewellery on one hand and precious jewellery on the other. And so, she launched Rejuvenate Jewels in 2012.

Her unusual, flamboyant concepts make Sushma’s designs a kind of wearable art. They also make for an excellent statement jewellery when one is attending an important event.

Sushma also showcased her collection at Pune Fashion week and was a jewellery partner in the film Phuntroo.

Sushma has also tied up with the NGO Drishti where she is working to get street children into school, especially girls.

“I’m a feminist. I want to prove that whether she’s working outside or at home, every woman contributes as much as a man, and should be respected equally. Don’t challenge her; support her.” – Sushma Mehta Shah.

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