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"Regenerate Clothing was established with the mission to make the world a little happier and a lot better dressed by ethically invigorating its wearers".

Regenerate specializes in hand printed, designer, ethically made organic clothing and already become a closely followed brand, with a large online fan base, our clothing being stocked across Europe, online and with a large celebrity fan base with the likes of 'The Teenagers', 'African boy', 'Shychild'(Klaxons DJ), ‘Light Speed Champion’, 'Ighlu and Hartley', ‘Kap Bambino’ and ‘The Holloways’ all wearing our products.

Regenerate clothing was founded and launched in Feb 2008 by May Cortazzi, who had previously worked for Marharishi, Boxfresh and Maria Chen before deciding on stepping out on her own and creating her own unique label.

Regenerate always remains unique from the mainstream by taking inspirations from: the music industry, historical archives and through traveling the world and undressing it!

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