Reason To Be Pretty By Nophar

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new york / united states


shenkar college of engineering and design

Graduation year


Inspired by everything pretty, designer Nophar Haimovitz captures her distinctive esthetics of beauty, grace and delicacy with her unique line of handmade fabric jewelry.

Upon graduating fashion school with honors, as a young fashion designer, Haimovitz arrived in New York City and immediately started working in fashion studios, specializing in embroideries and embellishments, while participating in world known embroidery competitions and continuing her studies. In 2010 she launched "Reason To Be Pretty", a lavish and eclectic jewelry line, which portrays her love, appreciation and vast knowledge in the intricate embroideries and embellishments field, featuring extravagant pieces made at her New York based studio, with zealous attention to materials, color combination, weight, comfort and style.

All hand dyed, hand made, crafted and plated in USA, Reason To Be Pretty aspires to create an exquisite unique and comfortable day to night jewelry to prettify any outfit, from a T-shirt to and evening gown, so that the customer will feel and look pretty at any given moment.

As we always say, there is always a Reason To Be Pretty...

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