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university arts london

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Rawan Maki is an Environmental Engineer and Fashion Designer.

Originally from Bahrain, Rawan Maki believes that beauty can only be accomplished alongside sustainability and justice. These themes carry forward in the aesthetic of the brand, where Maki's designs are inspired by the interaction of the natural and the man-made. For instance - the shoreline and how it is continuously extended to make more land.

Rawan Maki's debut collection in 2017 is an ode to the land and sea that emerge in the aftermath of land reclamation - as well as the dialogue we have with receding shorelines, shrinking forests, recycling signs, and all the invisible hands and energy that goes into creating final products.

Rawan Maki combines her environmental engineering and design background to create each piece as a “system”, both aesthetically and in terms of design elements- where she designs to minimize waste and uses fabrics with recycled and organic components.

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