Grey Sheep


Casale / italy


Politecnico Milano/Architettura

Graduation year


Born from the joint forces of Valentina Vizio and Flavio Tiberti, willing to create something rare and precious, and so melting their sensibilities.
Vizio, architect-designer, has designed two Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana winning price collections, for Fashion Incubator and Next Generation. She has worked and still collaborates for fashion groups such as Iceberg, Malloni and Jacob Cohen. Freelance nowadays, always searching elegance and sensibility in any form of expression.
Artist and photographer, Tiberti’s research started from the analysis of the integration struggle of contemporary life. It soon became a search for the human being, in his essence and absence, through reflections on the inconsistence of the existence. His works have been exhibited in solo or group shows, in galleries and public spaces in Italy, Germany and USA.