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rome / italy


academy of fine arts

They are RARO. Imaginative, innovative and driven by their passion for jewellery design. Today they focus on 3D Printed Jewelry and all pieces are 3D printed in nylon, dyed a range of vibrant colours and hand finished with the savoir-faire of the irresistible italian elegance driven by unique and avant-garde shapes. Rossella is the head of jewelry design behind the RARO label. Thanks to her unique background and talent the TARì Design School offered her a bursary for Master Degree in Fashion and Jewelry Design. She started her career as jewelry designer by working for important italian brands, at the close of this experience, she decided to concentrate all her efforts on her own trademark: RARO. Raffaele is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and started his career in marketing and communication by working for leading international companies. RARO jewels were exhibited in major Italian museums like: MAXXI in Rome, MEF in Turin, La Triennale in Milan, 900 in Milan, Novecento in Firenze, Palazzo Albergati in Bologna, MART in Trento and Rovereto.

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