Ranya Karram

Grey Sheep


beirut / lebanon


esmod beirut

Graduation year


After working six 6 years in project management in 2013 i decided to undergo a career change and start studying fashion design. in 2016 i graduated to open up "Ranya Karram".
The main line collection concept is a story of a woman here are the times of her life.

from the origin of the universe, the big bang, she is born in the african desert, she is taken as a slave by the arab trade, to be sold in samarkand, where she resides till her death in the arabian desert.

her life is then decomposed and stored in the deep blue database to be recomposed and conveyed to life in the future.

the 5 phases of her life have been translated into five mini collections, with each having its particular characteristics, presented in 6 total looks. death in the Arabian desert

Deconstruction, DeteriorationThe outfits seem to be fading through the transparency of the fabric,deconstructing represented through the falling cuts and dissolving with the laser cut on the edges.The pleats used are like
deconstructed broken lines

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