Rani Bageria

Black Sheep


vienna / austria


fashion department, royal academy of fine arts antwerp

Graduation year


Rani Bageria seeks to grasp the origin of our needs, our desires and our feelings in order to abstract the big picture and create a synthesis of realities. The brand stands for authenticity and the importance of being present by taking an active part in the modern world with the approach to observe, absorb, analyze and reinterpret - always with an avant-garde spirit.

Rani Bageria focusses on luxury knitwear and offers a fresh perspective on traditions by elaborating wool blends through the use of modern yarns from the world’s leading manufactures. With the aim to bring high quality in our everyday life, the brand puts further attention on craftsmanship by reverting back to handcrafted knitwear. Rani Bageria’s signature aesthetic is told through clearly defined silhouettes and emphasized by tactility and embellishment. Distinctiveness and comfort are well-balanced in collections that are strengthened with the deliberately use of leather and statement footwear.

Rani Bageria portrays a woman of contrasts, a woman that is drawn from the real world. She is sophisticated and independent, yet she is not afraid of showing her natural vulnerability. The pictured woman is hungry for knowledge and eager to experience life at its fullest with a playful attitude. She is nonchalant, sometimes might even a bit distant and leaves a lasting impression of some kind of mystery. She is a modern femme fatale that likes to dress according to her dynamic lifestyle.
Having graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the designer Rani Bageria refined her aesthetic sensibility and technical skills by working as a knitwear designer for Chloé before launching her own house in 2012. Debuting with AW 13, Rani Bageria’s first collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week (Ra Showroom) and sold at Opening Ceremony. The Vienna based designer has received the Austrian Fashion Award (2014) as well as the Ann Chapelle Createur Award (2007) and was amongst the finalists of ITS (2007). The stockists are currently positioned in Germany (Fifty Eight's, Sal Bazaar).

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