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chişinău / moldova


Academy of Music Theatre and Fine Arts Moldova

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We are RAMURI - a young and ambitious creative team from the Republic of Moldova. Why RAMURI? Because it’s the best way to show the bound we have with our roots, letting the present speak through our creation, trying to make a connection between tradition and modern fashion trends. We are a small team consisting of two persons: Irina Furtuna and Valentina Furtuna, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts from Chisinau.
We believe that our clothes are designed to serve as an armor to those who wear them. When you wear RAMURI, you are ready to defeat to the whole world.
Our secret is a unique minimalist design detailed with handmade embroidery. The clothes are manufactured on manual machines, with lots of care and attention to details. Each of our garment is unique, made in on copy, that’s why it’s so special.