Grey Sheep


oslo / norway


oslo national academy of the arts (khio)

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Born and raised in a multicultural municipality by the border of Finland in the Northern hemisphere, Ramona Salos' childhood was very much influenced by winter, spectacular landscapes and natural phenomenon like the northern lights and the midnight sun. This has brought life to and inspired mystical stories about animals, nature and
supernatural beings that have been shared between generations. This upbringing is manifested in the designers work and esthetics.

Ramona Salos' design practice is heavily influenced by her upbringing in Northern-Norway, where these forms of expressions are woven into a modern esthetic, thematically and
materialistically. As a designer she explore materials, textures, contrasts, cultural and personal memories, and try to navigate between different perspectives with needle and thread as traveling tools.

Ramona Salo is a designer based in Oslo, telling narratives for all genders through clothes.

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