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London college of Fashion University of the arts London

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RAKSHAMASHA is the new sustainable avant garde line by the upcoming international brand Marria Roslova.

The concept is inspired by modern, utopian ideals; it strives towards a vision where utility, aesthetics and functionality merge to become a natural element of the experimental design.

RAKSHAMASHA garments are designed to last and serve the customer faithfully; we use specialist fabrics such as Teflon, Tarpaulin and reflective elements to achieve this. We upcycle PVC banners, nets and other plastic materials often used for promotion, construction and decoration of spaces for events. The accessories provide attachable storage space for personal items and good visibility in the dark. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our brand: a reality where humanity and nature coexist in harmony, guided and enabled by scientific endeavour. This vision permeates the design process; from the first conceptual sketches through every aspect of a garment's lifespan. Zero Waste technology is applied and the garments do not require machine washing or dry cleaning.

The items are unisex and can be adjusted to any size. The brand's concept is to create exclusive garments via working with local craftsmen in small batches and private orders, therefore customisation and personal approach are some of the key elements.

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