White Sheep



istanbul / turkey

Born in 1986 in Istanbul, Raisa and Vanessa Sason had fashion in their DNA. Twin sisters studied art in high school and Theatre and Costume at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

Known for it’s dark, sexy and luxurious style and spectacular runway shows at Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week, Raisa&Vanessa have been featured in countless magazines, participated in celebrity endorsements , and gained a loyal customer/media following in Turkey.

R&V’s signature style is inspired by gothic architecture and a fascination with its complexity. By taking the beauty of the baroque and renovating for the modern era; Raisa&Vanessa creates bold, artful and unique statement pieces that merge the style of the past with the ambition of the future.

Translating their theatrical aesthetics through structural sillhouettes crafted in finest fabrics with the most explosive colors while paying attention to contour and shape of the female form, Raisa&Vanessa influences the style of empowered women around the globe.

Both sisters are members of the Turkish Designers Association.