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Pret Soigne is an internationally recognized South African Clothing Brand.. That made it's debut on 2th July 2011 at the Durban July Fashion Event Vodacom Durban July where we were awarded best dressed at the event and we followed up that success with an interview with MTV Base South Africa at the same event for are immensely creative garments. We therefore continued are winning mentality with the brand and were invited to Liverpool Fashion Week on 2012, 2013 and 2014 we then received a great offer to appear on American Magazine Elegant Dreams Magazine to become the first South African Brand to appear with regards to Fashion where we appeared on a couple of issues with the Magazine.. Pret Soigne also has it's own international Ambassadors around the globe with Miss Pret Soigne Austria Victoria Schrotter whom is a great Representative for our clothing brand in Austria and around the globe our ambitions are never limited we push boundaries constantly everyday. We now are working towards finalizing are Pret Soigne 3D Fashion Design Software we believe at Pret Soigne in breaking barriers and pushing level's of Fashion where no one thought possible now with Not Just a Label working together with us we believe we will achieve all are dreams and more. We are also currently on releasing a cognac bottle which will be obviously called " Pret Soigne " and will have the slogan on the bottle called " A storyline worth drinking too .. The cognac bottle which will be out to the world later on in the year, is the exciting chapter which we at Pret Soigne are currently working towards and will be debuted on one of our Fashion Shows this year it is exciting times ahead for Pret Soigne as we always say global domination is the plan and we won't stop until we reach our goals and targets.

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