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amsterdam / netherlands

POUCHI was founded by Veronica Jibodh in 2011. It all started on july 1st that year, when she tried to find a chic fanny pack to match her dress. Since she couldn’t find anything that lived up to her fashionable expectations, she decided to design it herself. During the design process, Veronica developed a luxurious multifunctional pouch to be worn as a cross body, a fanny pack and a clutch. One, no one had seen before.

Veronica is determined to create multiple irresistible fashion items for POUCHI, using her own unique vision, her passion for luxury and an eye for timeless chic. From leather goods to sunglasses to luxurious watches, or even fragrances, she has a vision for everything.

Veronica’s mission for POUCHI is to make beautiful items of superior quality for people around the globe and to become an international well-known brand.

The company itself was established in January 2012.

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