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Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

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Transforming Dreams: Pepi's Evolution to Posh Lines
Pepi's Journey to Create Posh Lines

She is visionary Bulgarian fashion designer based in the bustling city of London, embarked on an extraordinary journey that would forever redefine her creative path. After experiencing immense success in the fashion industry, with her collections showcased at prestigious events like London Fashion Week, Pepi made a brave decision.

Feeling a longing to reconnect with her authentic self and yearning for a more personal connection with her customers, Pepi made the daring choice to step away from the fast-paced world of high fashion. It was during this period of self-reflection that the idea for Posh Home Line emerged—a brand dedicated to crafting exquisite and sustainable home textiles using leftover materials and recycled clothes.

However, as months passed, Pepi's passion for fashion began to stir within her once again. Waking up one morning with a newfound clarity, she realized that she could merge her love for fashion, her expertise in creating unique textiles, and her commitment to personalized studio services under one unified brand.

And so, Posh Lines was born—a culmination of Pepi's creative journey and her unwavering pursuit of ethical and sustainable practices. Posh Lines encapsulates three distinct activities: a fashion line that combines trendsetting designs with elegance and sophistication, a home line that transforms spaces with exquisite textile accessories, and a studio that offers custom garments, repairs, and rejuvenates clothing and home textiles.

Today, Posh Lines stands as a testament to Pepi's unwavering determination and artistic vision. It embodies her commitment to crafting exceptional pieces that resonate with individuality and sustainability. With every creation, Pepi infuses her designs with a fusion of techniques, fabrics, and embroideries, resulting in truly unique and captivating products.

Pepi's journey—from fashion, to the birth of Posh Home Line, and ultimately to the unified brand of Posh Lines—reflects her evolution as a creative force. It is a testament to her relentless pursuit of creating an ethical and sustainable business that encompasses the world of fashion, home textiles, and personalized studio services.

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