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Porthia is a luxury women’s footwear brand that integrates three concepts: conceptual dimension, extravagant design and excellence in craftsmanship into designing process.
The brand is named after a talented Thai-born designer, Porthia, who poses a scent of eccentric aesthetics into her collections. She naturally combines an interesting mix of colours, exotic and whimsical idea into her designs.

With design house based in London, PORTHIA beautifully expresses femininity with great attention to detail into a unique sophistication. The eclectic air is refined into elegance in every PORTHIA’s shoes.
Apart from exceptional in design, quality of the product is other key element that makes PORTHIA even more desirable. The excellence of Italian craftsmanship is the measured quality of PORTHIA footwear.

With these combinations, it is undoubtedly that PORTHIA is a distinctive and unique luxury women’s footwear brand that is made for confident women around the world.

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