Polina Benefit

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Perm / russia

Graduation year


The fashion brand “Polina Benefit” was created in 2013 in Perm, Russia, by its owner Polina Keldibekova. In 2011 Polina started her special education in Irina Filishkina’s Higher Professional School of Fashion (the official representative of "M. Müller&Sohn" (AMD)) and in 2013 qualified as a fashion designer & constructor, pattern- maker. After finishing her education, Polina decided to start her own brand with a small production. Since early childhood she has been interested in beautiful things and fashion, and the brand has become her own contribution to this industry. At the moment her brand produces 2 capsule women's wear collections and 2 accessories collections a year. Since 2013 there have been 13 collections created. In designing her collections Polina loves to explore trends, find new fabrics, develop new forms. She is an experimenter, and fashion industry offers great possibilities for experimentation.
Over 5 years of immersion in the fashion industry Polina has taken part in different Russian competitions such as "Red Dress", Perm ( 2011-2012) , "Admiralty Needle" St. Petersburg ,2013 and other festivals and exhibitions in Russia. In 2016 Polina became a winner of international fashion design contest "BE NEXT" and got the prize - mentoring session with Felicities - London. And this has become a good opportunity to talk about the brand around the world.
Despite the fact that the brand is based and developed in Russia, from the beginning fashion editorials of the brand Polina Benefit have been published on the pages of fashion press of the world. They include Superior-magazine, Ballad of magazines, SYN magazine, Sticksandstonesagency.
The backbone of the brand is thinking that a piece from the inside speaks for what it really is, because Polina pays attention to details and the quality of production. She personally manages her company, from design and fabric selection, to production.