Pois é

Grey Sheep


arezzo / italy



Graduation year


Sincerity, Essentiality, Uniqueness VS Vivacity, Colour, Empathy.

I have always believed that Beauty originates from the right balance between these factors, and my creations are a result of their combination. A handbag is a detail to which a woman cannot renounce. It is an object that must always represent the wearer’s uniqueness, and therefore must surprise, excite and have a character. It is an accessory that a woman never chooses randomly. She chooses to wear a particular handbag because she links it to a memory, she has to attend a particular event, or she has to meet certain people. The handbag is the self-image that she wants to convey to those who meet her. For this reason, it should always be as close as possible to her world, philosophy and culture. The woman who chooses a Pois-è handbag, does it because she immediately perceives an affinity with her own feelings, as she lives following the philosophy: You feel before You think.

Pois-é was born in 2015 by Silvia Pieraccini. It was founded with the aim of giving a soul to the objects that surround us, because every object we own is part of us and must be able to pass on vitality and passion to the wearer. This aspect represents the added value of a Pois-é handbag, which, beyond a good manufacture and a nice appearance, has a beating heart, compared to the soulless mass production objects hanging in glittering showcases.
Each Pois-é bag is handmade, cut and assembled by Italian leather craftsmen. Every model is made with the highest attention to detail and produced in limited quantities. Each handbag is marked by a code certifying its uniqueness. It is made in Tuscany, where I live, with Italian leather.

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