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PODYH is a Ukrainian womenswear brand that draws inspiration from the world of architecture. The collections of the brand, founded in 2020 by architect Daria Plaksyuk, embody the spirit of various architectural styles while balancing simplicity and sophistication.

Based on research of various architectural styles PODYH creates projects that are not overloaded with unnecessary details or decoration. Every element of its clothing is carefully selected and justified, creating a complete composition of volumes and lines that reflect its architectural inspiration.

PODYH's affinity for its unique approach to fashion is reflected in the founder's experience in architecture. Thanks to this experience, the designer applies knowledge of the discipline to her projects, approaching each piece with the same attention to detail and compositional elements as an architect would when creating a building.

The brand's affinity for quality is evident in the use of handmade techniques to create impressive details and unique compositions that make each item more valuable and expressive. PODYH collections are not only a reflection of the beauty of architecture but also carry a sense of architectural heritage and history.

PODYH is not just a brand, but a mission. PODYH inspires people to explore the world of architecture and discover its value. Thanks to PODYH architecture and fashion merge to convey a unique art that you can wear.


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