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PODYH is a Ukrainian womenswear brand created at the intersection of architecture and fashion. The brand's main idea is to reconsider the architecture; approaches and techniques of architects through clothing and accessories.

PODYH was founded in 2021. The designer of the brand - Daria Plaksyuk - graduated from architecture school. Positioning it at the crossroads of architecture and fashion, the architectural background collaborates greatly with the aesthetics and meaningfulness of the brand’s designs.

Similar to buildings devoid of the unnecessary aesthetic "noise" of advertising posters, PODYH wares are not oversaturated with details, color, or decor.

Each element is justified, corresponds to the idea, and creates a complete composition of volumes and lines. Inspired by outstanding architects of the past and present, who often involve artists and sculptors to enrich the object with details and give it a feeling of completeness, the designer pays excellent attention to handwork - even slight hand-made stitches make the thing more meaningful and valuable.


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