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london / United Kingdom


the royal college of art london (RCA)

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United Kingdom


pindiga ranjith kumar graduated from prestigious university -The Royal College of Art- London with ma in fashion womenswear 2021.
Ranjith Kumar worked as a womenswear designer for various fashion companies- Osman Yousefzada-london ,Dozakh, Texas Pacific Group(TPG),Bharti-Walmart(Easyday), Kartikeya, Dharma Life-Spider Lugani(Germany) and theatre group called IPTA in New Delhi, India.

Ranjith Kumar is influenced by everything he sees, feels and experiences, by cultures, history and politics. Integral to his work is the way in which he reflects on the things that matter to him TO CREATE HIS OWN PERSONAL NARRATIVE.

What does the future of fashion look like?
A:-Many brands going digital in marketing fashion humans still need clothes to wear and I see Future of fashion is in high quality durable products sourced locally for example merino wool , Pashmina Silk and also there is a growing awareness of crafts it is a different way of connecting ,which are evergreen items passed on from one generation to other which retain their value such as fine jewelry and high design items created from precious materials with specialist finishes for a clientele who perceive value as being both investment and also emotive...

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