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The brand’s name; PHINE, is cleverly derived from a mixture of mathematical principle and artistic form. In mathematics the ratio 1:1.618 is referred to as the Golden Ratio of numerical beauty. Interestingly, the number 1.618 is also known as PHI. With a love of precious metal from an early age, Swedish born designer Elina Faurschou felt PHINE was a perfect fit for the brand as it represented gold, beauty, and geometric art forms which can be seen in aspects of many of the brand designs to date.

Strongly influenced by classic minimalistic Scandinavian design traditions, Phine set out to fill a void in the market creating, powerful and sassy jewellery collections that didn’t compromise on quality or craftsmanship but remained accessible to a diverse client base from all walks of life, leaving them feeling empowered to push boundaries and achieve anything.

For Females and Males.

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