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PHILOMENA is based on ancient Greek and means: ‚Philia‘ (φιλíα) = „friend(ship), beloved, love“ and ‚Meno‘ (μένω) = „to stay“. ‚Ménos’ (μένος) = courage, power, strengh. To stay (true to your heart and your believes), to love (yourself), to be (your best) friend, to be brave (even when you are scared), to be courageous, honest, fair and kind! This is what we belive in and contains the essence of our vision for live. We believe in love and friendship. We believe in respect, fairness and true sustainability! For us, for our planet, for our future.

To combine the beautiful with the good, Julia Leifert founded in 2015 the Berlin-based high premium label PHILOMENA ZANETTI named after her great-grandmother. At the interface between ethics and aesthetics, the label since has been offering high quality products for the strong woman who loves fashion and leads a conscious lifestyle in harmony with the environment and nature. PHILOMENA ZANETTI is the embodiment of the self-confidence of a strong woman. In the creations, the designer specifically goes for classic forms and cuts and reinterpret them in a contemporary way, giving free rein to the idea of ​​modern, minimalist femininity. "

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