Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


Royal College of art (RCA)

Graduation year


PEUT–PORTER is a designstudio and a fashion-label which creates garment-hybrids and imaginary characters. These act as representatives of future scenarios and depict cultural tendencies. Continously aiming to point out alternatives of the everyday, PEUT-PORTER treats garments as artefacts and designs matters with the help of materials. Next to its designwork, PEUT-PORTER also publishes articles which focus on design-research & fashion-futures.

Alexa Pollmann, founder of PEUT-PORTER, was originally trained as a fashion designer and worked in various fields of fashion. She went on to complete a MA in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art where she started PEUT-PORTER as a fashion-fiction platform and label. Next to her work as a design consultant, she also delivers workshops, holds talks and researches fashion and cultural tendencies, often dealing with the social impacts of technology.

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