Petit Pois

Black Sheep


tel aviv / israel

Graduation year


Hi, I am Shirley Lasry.
My brand present a contemporary Lingerie and women's wear.

I graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, and decided to explore my love and passion for unique, one of a kind feminine garments and undergarments.

In French ‘Petit Pois’ means peas.
The idea of peas hiding in a pod made me think of the concepts of in and out, sheathing and hidden and revealing, which define my style of clothes.

Petit Pois offers a wide selection of sheer, free airy and flowing garments, uniquely designed to flirt with the under-layer and provide a glimpse of what lies underneath...

The Lingerie and Clothing collection offers a soft colored palette, blended fabrics and flattering silhouettes, creating a striking alluring look.

The result is a harmonious and complete outfit, designed to intrigue and fascinate.

I believe that clothes are creations, and our wardrobe is where we store our fashion hoards. With this perspective in mind.