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beirut / lebanon


esmod beirut

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Born in Beirut, 1989, Lobnan Mahfouz's passion for art has been within him since ever. The age of 14 was when he realized that this love can be translated into fashion. Therefore, he graduated with an honorary degree in Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting at ESMOD Beirut 2011. This opened many opportunities of internships with reputable fashion designers in Lebanon, which led him after that to work with fashion companies in Turkey, India, and China. In November 2015, Lobnan launched his first collection "11:11" under the brand's name "Perverse Label". "Perverse Label" is a gender-neutral and aseasonal brand that provides distinctive pieces targeting venturous individuals around the globe. What inspires the brand is the existence of a huge melting pot of genders, personalities, ethnic backgrounds, and every single aspect varying from a person to another. The uniqueness of "Perverse Label" is translated by its ability to mix and match more than one fabric boldly creating distinguished pieces. In February 2016, Lobnan was selected by STARCH Foundation. Lobnan's second collection "Shadows Of My Reflection" and the third one "The Supernovas" were both showcased at Fashion Forward Dubai presented by STARCH Foundation.

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