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Born in Darjeeling, Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama is an emerging Indian fashion designer. At the age of 23, she was launched as a Gen Next Designer - a highly coveted platform for emerging designers by Lakme Fashion Week, INDIA. Recognized as a Sustainable Designer early on for her work, the Green Wardrobe Week hosted by Hindustan Unilever saw her being awarded by Paul Polman, CEO at Unilever, along with Pero, Anita Dongre, Anavila and Antar-Agni. She was a part of the Indian Team at the International Fashion Showcase, London Fashion Week, where India won the 'Country Award’ for the exhibition “The Indian Pastoralists”, against 26 countries showcased at Somerset House, London, in 2017. She also made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 Special Mention list for Fashion in 2018 at the age of 26. The first Ramie fibre project produced in Meghalaya, India for the Indo-French government collaboration and curated by Leocanet and Hemant also featured her zero waste designs. In 2020, Global Mobile Company OPPO, recognised Pella as a Creative Artist to represent India in their international campaign 'To Create is to Live' with Jacob Collier, Mette Towley, Rook Floro, Ian Walder and Jessi Lie.

P.E.L.L.A is an artisanal label conceptually driven towards slow fashion incorporating zero waste creative pattern making in garment construction and design. All the pieces are made from a single block of fabric, to create a limitless potential in silhouettes, enabling a woman in PELLA to recreate the pieces in every few years from the design house. True to using handwoven textiles, from silks to cashmeres and stinging nettle weaves, each and every piece is painstakingly hand rolled and blind-hemmed by hand to achieve a boundary-less design. It is a 100% hand stitched label creating designs without any use of machines.

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