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Local port , 4200-162 Oporto
Awards In May 2013 register your trade mark and starts working as a stylist . In a self - funded project and without some support . An embryonic stage begins with the development of sweaters , jeans and men's underwear . Eager to grow and begin to develop more elaborate and diverse collections, but this can only be going on as there is return of investment Done

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He graduated as a stylist with Technical fashion course at the Academy of Fashion and Art Techniques of Porto (2005-2008)

In October 2008, participated in the 32nd edition of Modtissimo with a stand in the new forum talents .

March 2008 participated in the contest Acrobactic Young Creators (with presence in the final of the competition ) .

March 2008 Young Artists participating in the contest Modtissimo 31 edition, awarded a stand on new talent forum

October 2006 participates in the contest Young Criadors Modtissimo 28th edition with a new talent stand in the forum .

March 2006 participated in the contest Young Creators Modtissimo 27th edition getting 2nd place .

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