Pavlína Miklasová

Grey Sheep


prague / czech republic


Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

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czech republic

(MA) Pavlína Miklasová *1991 represents the fashion brand PLOVE® which she established in 2015. As one of the few fashion designers, she focuses on the all-Czech swimwear accenting innovative attitude and functionality. Her collections are preceded by material experiments; by examining material in different contexts she tries to define and reappraise both function and form of the product given.

A' Design Award - Fashion, Apparel, and Garment Design Category, 2018
Czech Grand Design 2017 nomination, The fashion design category
Diploma Selection 2017 nomination, Designblok - Prague International Design Week
Collective exhibition + fashion show: "Japan - calm force" Bunka Fashion Graduate University Fashion Week, Tokyo 2017
Heritage fashion show participant, Fashionclash Festival Maastricht 2016
Best in Design, A winner of the Fashion Design Category Zlín 2016
A special Award of the Swarovski company, project Nirvana Prague 2013
Project „Bohemia“ exhibited at Bohemia National Hall New York 2013
Best of APLF Awards 2008, bag for Lanificio Bigagli, Hongkong 2008

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