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Paulina Luna Manjarrez, Mexican fashion designer. He was born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. On October 6, 1992.
During his childhood, I had the opportunity to admire art and architecture, "I remember a lot when my father was carrying out his works and could spend the night in construction, in many textures and materials at the same time".
At the age of 12 he began to design and make clothes to learn and learn about the composition of textiles.
I study fashion design in the city of Guadalajara.
In 2015, the brand that bears his name is Paulina Luna. Being a creative director who feels the woman and knows how to carry her designs. "The femininity is not the rose or the accentuated silhouettes goes beyond"
The passion and hunger to generate a brand with the concept and, sometimes, a free woman who through the means of a piece of clothing transmit and can carry out the art in the streets is beyond social stereotypes. With an elegant line pret-a-porter of luxury with materials of high level and an impeccable confection with traditional and experimental techniques.
Part of the DNA of the brand is the experience of each piece, beyond the design. Architecture is a very important role in their collections and conceptualization is the main key of it.
Symmetry, asymmetry, lines, oversize, elegance, sophistication and a bit of androgyne is what defines the brand. Without leaving aside that the Pauline moon footwear has been a sign of design and innovation, full of wished that it became an iconic piece of the brand. The combination of materials, design and structure has taken it to the top.
In 2017 he makes his atelier in Guadalajara. Paulina Luna has had a presence in Mexico, New York and London.
Presenting in Mexico Minerva Fashion, Intermoda, Fashion Week Chicago, Mercedes Benz Laredo Texas.
In some international magazines appear to mention some Vogue Mexico, Glow, Hauntend magazine, Chapelle magazine.

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