Black Sheep


kiev / ukraine


Kyiv Institute of Architecture and Engineering

Paskal is known for a minimalist, exacting aesthetic which owes much to the rigours and precision of innovative architecture and modern cultural processes. Beauty is derived from the garments’ core components and construction. The distinctive detail in PASKAL garments is the designer's use of laser-cutting and precision tailoring.
Having graduated from Kyiv Institute of Architecture and Engineering in 2010 Julie Paskal decides to launch her own fashion brand PASKAL. Architecture eduction gave Julie a notion of work with shapes, lines and structure in her collections. In 2011 Julie became a participant of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and shows collections every season. Julie was one of the first Ukrainian designer who started to export her clothes to international market. So one day she decided to share experience with other Ukrainian designers. At the end of 2014 Julie and her partner Vladymyr Savchenko launched in Kiev SCHWETZ manufactory to produced PASKAL garments and to help other designers to be more confident in production, deliveries, etc. Starting from AW15 season Julie decides to make four collections a year including Pre-Spring and Pre-Fall. For today PASKAL brand is presented in 28 stores Worldwide.

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