Pascale James

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom

Handcrafted in London using recycled solid precious metals, PASCALE JAMES is a contemporary brand fusing modern cutting-edge design with classic refinement and enduring British quality. The designers behind the brand are partners Antonia Pascale and Christopher James (CJ), who met whilst living and working in distinctly opposite environments - CJ by the ocean in the Bahamas, Antonia in an architectural cityscape in the heart of London. Their joint experiences inspired them to create jewellery that embodied these disparate surroundings simultaneously. Through their contrasting influences, CJ and Antonia sought to explore the diversity of both our social and physical world: from organic and undeveloped landscapes to metropolitan and industrialised cityscapes. Audacious yet wearable and imbued with a sense of individuality, PASCALE JAMES LONDON is created for the modern woman. Honesty and integrity are principles applied to each creation as only solid precious metals are used alongside expert craftsmanship. Sustainability and social responsibility are incredibly important to the pair and ethics and the environment are ingrained in every piece created. They firmly believe that luxury and sustainability can and must go hand in hand. Using only recycled solid precious metals and recycled packaging whilst also minimising waste and offsetting carbon usage, they aim to set a standard.

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