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new york / united states


ebs Paris - European Business School Paris

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Parme Marin eclectic accessories were born by the enthralling vision of the brand’s creative director: citizen of the world, she lived between Paris, New York, Madrid and Marrakesh, constantly collecting all sorts of objects, cutting and re-interpreting her clothes while breathing new life into old things.

Parme Marin was selected in 2013 by Vogue as part of their new talents program. NY- based and part of a global community of tastemakers, she is spearheading the brand growth tapping into the intertwined universe of art, design and fashion.

The accessories market has been dominated by industrial, synthetic, mainstream products that do not support the global economy and produce an unnecessary amount of harmful waste.

Parme Marin forged partnerships with local artisans to promote entrepreneurship and a prosperous economy. The brand is strongly committed to train and develop the artisans’ business in Morocco. One of a kind items and limited volume collection ensure minimal environmental impact and the highest quality.

Parme Marin’s creative genius stems from sourcing leather, wood and bone from Moroccan artisans and mixing it with brand-new and recycled objects: semi-precious stones, one-of-a-kind beads, berber chains, pendants, Japanese ribbons and woodpicker feathers among others.

The design-driven collection aims at bringing back to life ancient techniques and materials reinterpreting them for the modern woman.

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