Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri

Grey Sheep



nottingham / United Kingdom


nottingham trent university

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VANHU VAMWE is a fashion accessory BRAND with a forward thinking approach to design. IT WAS created around a unique path BASED ON preservation of culture and devotedly protecting craftsmanship as a dying art form. This ethical framework of ''products that give back'' is committed to working with artisian communities IN ZIMBABWE, AFRICA AND ECUADOR, SOUTH AMERICA, in an attempt to strengthen the social fabric of ethical fashion.

VANHU VAMWE'S accessories are made using a blend of RECYCLED materials and are 100% handcrafted using different ancestral techniques. The products are infused with a clean perspective, manifested through irregular experimental shapes, MIX OF colours and handCRAFTING. THE BRAND focuses on a story telling concept that mirrors the new age of contemporary accessory design.

VANHU VAMWE offerS directional and progressive accessories with a purpose.

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