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OTT is designed for those funky fabulous women who know about fashion and want to have fun with it!!! Beautiful kitsch couture, terrific trash, fantastic flash and all things over the top!!! Glitter, sequins and embroidery color the dreams that has driven OTT, transforming it from a bespoke caftan line to the respected quintessential buzz brand that it is today, exotic completely over the top!!!

OTT came out with a bang in summer 2005 when two hyper overcharged best friends began doodling on napkins in their local Starbucks in Dubai.

The designer’s unique upbringing, combined with eastern heritage blended with personal expression and eccentricity, has resulted in their passion to create clothes defined by sophisticated luxury. The brand represents an eclectic mix of styles combining timeless vintage eastern glam with a twist of quirky girlishness. With a jaw dropping women’s line and traffic stopping accessories, OTT definitely stands out.

The brand made its mark on the fashion scene after showcasing their Spring 2008 collection in Paris. Overwhelmed with orders and a steady stream of demand, OTT was picked up by high-end boutiques and stores around the globe. Stylists, bloggers, magazines, collaborations with fellow artists soon followed…the dream had taken off and the party had officially started.

In 2011 the dynamic duo launched ‘OTT Casa’ a line of uber trendy must have home furnishings and gifts items with the aim of expanding in lifestyle products in the near future.

Inspired by everything and everyone, OTTs infectious love affair with fashion has created a highly distinctive and recognizable brand full of personality and eclectic charm. Stocked in over 35 cities worldwide OTT is bound to be in a store near you.

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