Grey Sheep




budapest / hungary

OST is a contemporary mens and womenswear brand based on a specific eastern european view of fashion that evolved in the post-soviet era, where the isolated socialist aesthetics crushed the globalized world. Established in 2016 in Budapest by two young designers, Aron Sasvari and Oliver Lantos, and named after the german word for east, OST represents a strange, distorted but intentionally realistic vision of fashion, that highlights the contradictious and twisted nature of our instagram-perfected time.
Grown up in the post-socialist era, the founders of OST realised themselves in a changing environment, where the past was faded by the neighbouring Western ideals. These models shortly became the object of imitation, leaving the once strong and peculiar Eastern-European character on the cards of history. The power of this suppressed identity is the leading force behind the brand, that wants to introduce the world of fashion from a new angle, as it coverged into their formerly isolated region.
In the strange and complex vision of OST, inconsistent elements meet and are merged into the collections. Uniforms, gipsy wears, unlikely make-do combinations, imitated subcultures, cult of sportswear, poorly-tailored formal wears, misfits, imported jeans, charmless turkish leatherwear, workwear, or 80-90’s pop images are all attributes that mark OST's designs. This diversity results in a paradox and chaotic universe that is handled with a healthy sense of humour and a reflective attitude. Also, the brand intentionally rises elements into fashion that are traditionally not conventional, and deliberately confronts the unpleasant and the strange.
The diverse moodboard of the brand developes a complex range of mens and womenswear on the borderline of contemporary fashion and streetwear.