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universitÄt fÜr angewandte kunst wien

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Ordained Hardware (O_H) is a brand standing on the cross section of art and design. It seeks to implement nature's ability to adapt and evolve into the creation process. The goal is to design with the mentality of living slow in an eternal change. O_H is the raw intimacy of a freshly grown spike. It´s half alien half primal, an otherworldly luxury from an alternate future to serve the needs of today's humans. The artefacts have a hybrid nature. Classical accessory details complement the unique structures of molded synthetic forms. Silicone is one of the main components of the accessories, because of its mouldable, skin-like, nature. Unlike other synthetic materials, it has no harmful effects on health and does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. It’s not derived from crude oil, but from the silicon mineral. A special technique, developed by the brand, is blending liquid silicone with the jersey fabric of secondhand t-shirts, giving the material extra durability and strength. The silicone waste generated in the process is recycled in the form of minced granules and reused in further production steps. With using upcycled clothes and silicone waste, O_H aims to minimise its ecological footprint.

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