Grey Sheep



los angeles / united states

IBRAHIM MIMOU is an LA based designer who started OPEN as an outlet for various design oriented projects either made or curated by himself. OPENISM is completely designed by him and takes cues from his Syrian ancestry and Southern Californian lifestyle.

OPENISM is a clothing label based out of Los Angeles, California. The inspiration behind our clothing comes from the intersection of city life and its surroundings: where canyons meet residences, and where gravelly roads and alleyways meet the ocean. What is created in this merging, this linking of nature and human industry, is a kind of ambiguity—spaces emerge that allow for inclusiveness, collaboration. Working within these spaces, we seek to create pieces that are androgynous and feature loose silhouettes, allowing for differing and diverse expressions of individual attitude and sexuality. We hope people will see in our designs a more comfortable palette, an easier style, something two people could wear to a party and look completely different in. The driving principle is that the individual brings their own meanings to the clothing; the outfit complements their character.

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