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Onyii & Co. is a luxury lifestyle brand that caters to the
world-traveled woman – the woman who savors
living well. The brand has built a reputation among
clients of exceptional taste for its use of high-quality
global textiles that feature vivid colors, prints, and
bohemian-styled silhouettes. This exclusive
collection is crafted with the refined tastes of these
patrons in mind, satisfying their appetites for pieces
developed with a keen focus on luxury, comfort, and
creative expression.

Onyii & Co. was birthed 2.5 years ago, not only as a
business brand, but to carry a message of inspiration
to modern women around the world: regardless of
your position, circumstances, and achievements,
never stop striving for more – to achieve more, to
see more of the world, to learn more, to love more…
to be more. This spirit – the spirit of remaining
conscious of the need to offer the elite client more –
is the spirit embodied in every beautiful, expressive
piece of clothing carefully created by our brand.
Each season, Onyii & Co. will travel to a particular
region around the world to draw inspiration for that
season's collection. Cultural influences from the
selected region will be integrated into the season’s
design and fabric selection in order to curate an
eclectic collection of uncommon pieces that are
sure to be conversation starters anywhere they are
worn. By masterfully blending the best textile and
design elements that the world has to offer in both
bold and subtle ways, our commitment is to bring to
the modern woman the gift of travel in every

Behind the many layers of culture, imagination, and
contemporary wear for women that distinguish Onyii
& Co. from other luxury designer brands is Nigeriannative
and founder, Onyii (“Own-Yee”) Brown.
As a self-taught seamstress who has maintained a lifelong
fascination with the possibilities of expressing the
rich, organic forms of traditional African garments in
contemporary women's wear, Brown was determined
to bring Onyii & Co.’s vision to reality. After graduating
from the University of Massachusetts, Brown learned
the nuances and systems of global trade while
working on the ground with NGO’s in both Zimbabwe
and Nigeria, focusing on economic development
projects for entrepreneurial women.
Since her launch of Onyii & Co., Brown has
incorporated Africa-inspired printed figure-flattering
wrap dresses and skirts into each of her collections,
because she believes that although a woman's body
may change, her desire to feel feminine and beautiful
never wanes. The global textiles used to create these
garments allow women to indulge in an indigenous
and authentic sense of luxury that endues them with
the confidence they need to strive for, seek and
become more.
The brand offers an assortment of pieces, from high-waist
pants, crop tops, and wrap dresses, to reversible
suit jackets; the combinations are endless. Through
Onyii & Co., quality, comfort, color, and global-inspired
style are at every woman's fingertips. The collection is
available to wholesalers via brandboom.com, to retail
consumers via several boutiques around the U.S., and
to all buyers via her online store at onyiiandco.com

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