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film academy - art direction

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Liza Koifman was born 1982 in Petrapavlovsk—a city that sits high on a hill, surrounded by numerous volcanoes and located in the far eastern region of Russia’s Pacific coast. A year after her birth, Liza's family relocated to Leningrad, modern-day Saint Petersburg, where she was raised until the age of 9. Eventually Liza had lost contact with her father, a Soviet Jew, who decided to make aliyah, migrating to Israel in escape of repression. Soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Liza and her mother moved to the Netherlands, where she has lived since since 1991, studying Art Direction and Costume Design at the National Film Academy in Amsterdam. Although Liza began designing costumes for film and video productions after graduation, she could not contain the urge for individual creative expression, which was erupting within her. Meanwhile in 2005, DJ and entrepreneur Tomas Overtoom was making local tremors with his own ground-shaking creativity, hosting a masked hip hop event called OntFront—Don’t Put up a Front!—which aimed at promoting fresh talent like artists, musicians, and fashion designers. Liza wasted no time in signing up! Together, Tomas and Liza's passion for style triggered a new line, for grown up street fashion minded men. OntFront is now a designer menswear label & store. The Amsterdam based store is multi-labeled and carries a fine selection of brands to envision what they believe in; a new generation of men, pushing the revival of classic styles. Tailored and streetwise.

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