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kiev / ukraine


shenkar" college of engineering and design

Graduation year


Omtura is a radical, authentic, independent brand.
We believe that everyone and everything should have the supreme goal of their existence, perhaps not attainable but the one giving true meaning to their actions. And we believe that creative, extraordinary, enchanting actions can influence people. As a result, from the very beginning of the brand’s creation in 2012, designer and founder Anton Edelstein realized that he wants to decline the usual template approach. All Omtura bags are made by hand in the workshop by head designer and his small team. In today’s fleeting, volatile world, we have chosen to focus on quality over quantity.

Our principle of creation is an integral approach to the material and the final form, but we take inspiration from many sources, in particular from urbanism and futurism, as well as from rituals and traditions of different ethnic cultures, adding the distinctive features of industrial minimalism.

Omtura seamlessly blurs the space between body and accessory, turning bags into extensions of people. To create something that will not only appear to be aesthetically pleasing, but also may transform the personal views on the concepts of beauty, design, style, or even the fundamental beliefs of what a world around us can be, is a main goal of Omtura’s handcrafted artifacts.

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