Omid Taherkhani

Grey Sheep



london / United Kingdom


kingsston university (ba)

Omid focus as a fashion designer is to create wearable pieces that are
outside of time. He aims to create garments that can adorn you for a long
time, so much so, that they become a part of you; they become you. In
combining his interests in science, psychology and politics, as well as
a curiosity in philosophical research based on an idea of the future,
a future that is often described as negative, he design garments that
embody the escapism from this negativity of the future. The complexity
in his designs, that he achieves through his mathematical and technical way
of thinking combined with his singular vision, enable him to create
garments and sculptures that could be from thousands of years ago, as
well as from a thousand years in the future. He also creates his own
textiles to add more personality and individuality in his designs.

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