Olya Kosterina

Black Sheep


los angeles / united states



Graduation year


Olya Kosterina, is a womenswear designer exploring modern elegance & classic feminine forms.

Deeply immersed in every aspect of each garment, hand-crafting all patterns, developing fabric manipulations and tailoring details, she strongly believes that personally working on each step in the creative process is the ultimate way to explore an intimate designer’s vision and create a beautiful fit garment for a woman.

Her intricate demi-couture creations have caught the eye of high profile clients such as Lady Gaga, publications like Vogue and internationally renowned stylists.

Emerging from BA of Arts Westminster degree in Barcelona, Spain, and an intensive internship with former Dior pattern maker, Olya is now based between Los Angeles, USA, and her home-town Yaroslavl, Russia, where she works closely with highly skilled local dressmaker talent on her collections each year that come in exclusive small batches to be sold in selected stores around the globe.

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