Grey Sheep


dublin / ireland


national college of art and design

Graduation year


My work is based on menswear dimensions that are fresh and inventive in terms of drape and construction. The majority of my garments are designed as a result of flat pattern cutting and technical realisations explored through stand work. I try to maintain elements of tailoring within a relaxed sportswear context. The notions of travelling and backpacks have inspired my work where I allow functional elements of garments evolve into aesthetic features. The backpack articulates the silhouette and function of some pieces. I set out to conceal and reveal elements of backpacks or the suggestion of available space throughout my work. Where the outerwear pieces hold a strong focus overall, there is just an importance in the simpler wool under garments which contextualise the collection as an accessible menswear line. The collage artists Bella Borsodi, Hannah Höch and the painter Michael Triegel have been stimulating sources of inspiration for me. The way in which they assert control over the viewer as to how how they see the work is what I adhere to achieve. A sense of gravitational ‘incorrectness’ is evident in their work which makes the images appear top- heavy/ bottom heavy or completely warped.

Latest Collection