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Olivia Rubens is a positive knitwear womenswear designer based between the UK and Canada. Olivia Rubens stands for every womxn who has battled their way to honouring themselves to the Nth degree, overcoming obstacles and ostracism.
Meant to poke at human nature, Olivia Rubens’s work can often solicit the raising of an eyebrow, and is meant to be playfully thought-provoking, often through dark humour, nurturing impactful conversations about human behaviour. This is how Rubens also approaches her initiatives in social justice, working to help womxn, children and community in both Canada and in England.
Olivia Rubens’s work is also ingrained within environmental sustainability. She collaborates constantly, and continually invests in research and innovation, working to link novel developments in bio design within her design practice, with a goal to design positive impacts for the planet and people.
Rubens obtained her BA in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in 2015, worked within industry in Canada until 2018, when she moved to London to pursue her MA in Fashion Design Technology Womenswear at the London College of Fashion, which she obtained in earlier 2020, showing at the Camden Roundhouse for AW20 at London Fashion Week. She won the Responsible Fashion Award powered by Allianz and the CNMI Award in the International Talent Support 2020 competition, with a mentorship from Fashion Open Studio, and showed digitally in 2020 with Helsinki Fashion Week, including a climate positive, photosynthesizing garment. This year, she ran a workshop with Fashion Open Studio for Fashion Revolution Week, won the Most Sustainable Designer Award with the iD International Emerging Designer Awards, and is a grant recipient and participant in the UAL Creative Business Accelerator. She has most recently been featured in Vogue, Teen Vogue, and WWD.

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