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Olivia Deur is a London based Couture Fashion & Costume Designer. Her designs and styling range across the fields of fashion, costume, film, theatre and show production.

During her final year of studying Fashion Design and Production at East Sydney Campus of Tafe Institute of Technology in Australia, Olivia was awarded first place in the Cutting Edge Youth Fashion Awards.

Upon graduation, Olivia worked alongside Lisa Ho as Design Assistant, a position from which she gained years of professional experience and expertise. She worked closely with Australia’s leading fashion house and its premiere designers, Lisa Ho and Genevieve Smart.

From 2004, Olivia freelanced as Head Designer for many Sydney and Hong Kong-based labels, then left to fulfil her career goals by moving to London in 2005, where she has since launched her own design label, Olivia Deur.

Soon after, Olivia made her entree to the London filmmaking/performing set, and has since honed her skills as a costume designer and stylist for performance in film, theatre and music productions.

Since 2008, Olivia has been making a name for herself as a couture fashion & costume designer, producing everything by hand from her atelier in Notting Hill, London.

We seldom see up and coming designers, who draw, shape and make their whole collection as Olivia does. Olivia regards her pieces as works of art. Her Couture gowns are named after the women who surround or inspire her. They are designed and made for strong, sophisticated women who have a love for luxurious, well-cut, handmade garments.

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