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AKILES School of Footwear Design & Technology

Loving Designed Handmade Shoes

After finishing my degree in Industrial Design I enrolled in "Achilles" the first school for Footwear Design in Israel. After a year of literally creating shoes from scratch, some more wearable and some less so, I founded "Olive Thomas".
My designs have a distinct, sophisticated character, playing on the tension between masculine and feminine according to my own taste.
Delicate details, the quality of material and workmanship and colors differentiate"Olive Thomas" from other shoe brands.
The label is dedicated to women of all ages, with an emphasis on practicality and uniqueness.
I design shoes based on the belief that shoes "make or break" an outfit, and that if one is comfortable in one's shoes, literally and figuratively' one is more comfortable with the world.

The shoes are hand-made in Israel in limited editions.

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